Loneliness quotes
It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful. It has the beauty of loneliness and of pain: of strength and freedom. The beauty of disappointment and never-satisfied love. The cruel beauty of nature, and everlasting beauty of monotony.

- Britten, Benjamin
An artist is always alone -- if he is an artist. No, what the artist needs is loneliness.

- Miller, Henry
What torments my soul is its loneliness. The more it expands among friends and the daily habits or pleasures, the more, it seems to me, it flees me and retires into its fortress. The poet who lives in solitude, but who produces much, is the one who enjoys those treasures we bear in our bosom, but which forsake us when we give ourselves to others. When one yields oneself completely to one's soul, it opens itself to one, and then it is that the capricious thing allows one the greatest of good fortunes... that of sympathizing with others, of studying itself, of painting itself constantly in its works.

- Delacroix, Eugene
Who knows what true loneliness is -- not the conventional word, but the naked terror? To the lonely themselves it wears a mask. The most miserable outcast hugs some memory or some illusion. Now and then a fatal conjunction of events may lift the veil for an instant. For an instant only. No human being could bear a steady view of moral solitude without going mad.

- Conrad, Joseph
Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone. It has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone.

- Tillich, Paul
To live alone is the fate of all great souls.

- Schopenhauer, Arthur
Sometimes the lies you tell are less frightening than the loneliness you might feel if you stopped telling them.

- Brock Clarke
A man is never completely alone in this world. At the worst, he has the company of a boy, a youth, and by and by a grown man --the one he used to be.

- Pavese, Cesare
Isolation is the sum total of wretchedness to a man.

- Carlyle, Thomas
Music was invented to confirm human loneliness.

- Durrell, Lawrence
People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.

- Newton, Joseph Fort
We are all sentenced to solitary confinement inside our own skins, for life.

- Williams, Tennessee
There is none more lonely than the man who loves only himself.

- Esra, Abraham Ibn
All men are lonely. But sometimes it seems to me that we Americans are the loneliest of all. Our hunger for foreign places and new ways has been with us almost like a national disease. Our literature is stamped with a quality of longing and unrest, and our writers have been great wanderers.

- Mccullers, Carson
We enter the world alone, we leave the world alone.

- Froude, James A.
The eternal quest of the human being is to shatter his loneliness.

- Cousins, Norman
When people are lonely they stoop to any companionship.

- Wallace, Lew
We are never the same with others as when we are alone. We are different, even when we are in the dark with them.

- Maeterlinck, Maurice
To be alone is to be different, to be different is to be alone.

- Suzanne Gordon
Writing, at its best, is a lonely life. Organizations for writers palliate the writer's loneliness, but I doubt if they improve his writing. He grows in public stature as he sheds his loneliness and often his work deteriorates. For he does his work alone and if he is a good enough writer he must face eternity, or the lack of it, each day.

- Hemingway, Ernest

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