Enemies quotes
The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.

- G.K. Chesterton
Five enemies of peace inhabit with us -- avarice, ambition, envy, anger, and pride; if these were to be banished, we should infallibly enjoy perpetual peace.

- Petrarch, Francesco
The sufferings that fate inflicts on us should be borne with patience, what enemies inflict with manly courage.

- Thucydides
A wise man gets more use from his enemies than a fool from his friends.

- Balthasar Gracian
His enemies might have said before that he talked rather too much; but now he has occasional flashes of silence, that make his conversation perfectly delightful.

- Smith, Sydney
A person is his own worst enemy.

O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! Blind among enemies, O worse than chains, dungeon or beggary, or decrepit age! Light, the prime work of God, to me is extinct, and all her various objects of delight annulled, which might in part my grief have eased. Inferior to the vilest now become of man or worm; the vilest here excel me, they creep, yet see; I, dark in light, exposed to daily fraud, contempt, abuse and wrong, within doors, or without, still as a fool, in power of others, never in my own; scarce half I seem to live, dead more than half.

- Milton, John
I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends.

- Walt Whitman
OVATION, n. n ancient Rome, a definite, formal pageant in honor of one who had been disserviceable to the enemies of the nation. A lesser "triumph." In modern English the word is improperly used to signify any loose and spontaneous expression of popular homage to the hero of the hour and place. "I had an ovation!" the actor man said, But I thought it uncommonly queer, That people and critics by him had been led By the ear. The Latin lexicon makes his absurd Assertion as plain as a peg; In "ovum" we find the true root of the word. It means egg. Dudley Spink

- Ambrose Bierce
Truth of a modest sort I can promise you, and also sincerity. That complete, praiseworthy sincerity which, while it delivers one into the hands of one's enemies, is as likely as not to embroil one with one's friends.

- Conrad, Joseph
The person who has no enemies has no followers.

- Piatt, Don
Books have the same enemies as people: fire, humidity, animals, weather, and their own content.

- Paul Valery
To the rulers of the state then, if to any, it belongs of right to use falsehood, to deceive either enemies or their own citizens, for the good of the state: and no one else may meddle with this privilege.

- Plato
My prayer to God is a very short one: O Lord, make my enemies look ridiculous! God has granted it.

- Voltaire
The enemy is more easily overcome if he be not suffered to enter the door of our hearts, but be resisted without the gate at his first knock.

- Kempis, Thomas
If you have no enemies you are apt to be in the same predicament in regard to friends.

- Hubbard, Elbert
If there be no enemy there's no fight. If no fight, no victory and if no victory there is no crown.

- Carlyle, Thomas
But all who are not lunitics are agreed about certain things: That it is better to be alive than dead, better to be adequately fed than starved, better to be free than to be a slave. Many people desire these things only for themselves and their friends; they are quite content that their enemies should suffer. These people can be refuted by science: Mankind has become so much one family that we cannot insure our own prosperity except by insuring that of everyone else. If you wish to be happy yourself, you must resign yourself to seeing others also happy.

- Bertrand Russell
Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or justice to our enemies, justice will be done.

- George W. Bush
One must be a somebody before they can have a enemy. One must be a force before he can be resisted by another force.

- Swetchine, Anne Sophie

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