Change quotes
Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

- Boese, Paul
You know the great thing though? It's that change can be so constant that you don't even feel a difference until there is one. It can be so slow that you don't know that you life is better or worse until it is. Or it can blow you away--make you better in an instant.

- Kevin Kline
I never set out to write a book to change women's lives, to change history. It's like,'Who, me?'Yes, me. I did it. And I'm not that different from other women. ... Maybe my power and glory was that I could speak my truth as a woman and it was the truth of every woman.

- Betty Friedan
There has never been a time when you and I have not existed, nor will there be a time when we will cease to exist. As the same person inhabits the body through childhood, youth, and old age, so too at the time of death he attains another body. The wise are not deluded by these changes.

- Bhagavad Gita
We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.

- Peter Drucker
It seemed that each time we would become proficient at a given task there would be a change made for no apparent reason. It sometimes appeared that changes were made simply because sufficient time had elapsed since the last change. And then our efforts would begin again from the beginning.

- Adalphos, General
In prosperity prepare for a change; in adversity hope for one.

- James Burgh
A word is not a crystal, transparent and unchanged, it is the skin of a living thought and May vary greatly in color and content according to the circumstances and time in which it is used.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr
Real, constructive mental power lies in the creative thought that shapes your destiny, and your hour-by-hour mental conduct produces power for change in your life. Develop a train of thought on which to ride. The nobility of your life as well as your happiness depends upon the direction in which that train of thought is going.

- Laurence J. Peter
Some punishment seems preparing for a people who are ungratefully abusing the best constitution and the best King any nation was ever blessed with, intent on nothing but luxury, licentiousness, power, places, pensions, and plunder; while the ministry, divided in their counsels, with little regard for each other, worried by perpetual oppositions, in continual apprehension of changes, intent on securing popularity in case they should lose favor, have for some years past had little time or inclination to attend to our small affairs, whose remoteness makes them appear even smaller.

- Franklin, Benjamin
Anytime you think that the problem is out there, that thought in itself may be the problem. If it is out there then you have no control and you have to wait until it changes.

All great change in America begins at the dinner table.

- Ronald Reagan
Money and success don't change people; they merely amplify what is already there.

- Will Smith
Nature is the most thrifty thing in the world; she never wastes anything; she undergoes change, but there is no annihilation, the essence remains - matter is eternal.

- Horace Binney
Constancy... that small change of love, which people exact so rigidly, receive in such counterfeit coin, and repay in baser metal.

- Byron, Lord
What we call'Progress'is the exchange of one nuisance for another nuisance.

- Havelock Ellis
Ideal conversation must be an exchange of thought, and not, as many of those who worry most about their shortcomings believe, an eloquent exhibition of wit or oratory.

- Post, Emily
The appeal of the New Right is simply that it seems to promise that nothing will change in the domestic realm. People are terrified of change there, because it's the last humanizing force left in society, and they think, correctly, that it must be retained.

- Lerner, Gerda
The longer you stay in one place, the greater your chances of disillusionment.

- Spander, Art
People who wait for changes to occur on the outside before they commit to making changes on the inside will never make any changes at all.

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