eye catching minimalist nail art designs

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Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs

The Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs How to apply makeup correctly.
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There are different ways in which you can play with the textures of the nail paints. You can take the shine away off one entire half of the nail paint and add to its beauty by cutting across diagonally. Another way is to just leave the tips of the nails shiny or maybe even the other way around. The picture here is an example of how you can create variations in the nails by playing with textures, that too only on the tips. Just the tips of the nails have been left shiny, the rest has been turned a matte black. This makes the nail look attractive, even though the color is just a monochrome black.

And in case your nail art skills arent up to par
Decorate an accent nail
Though lets be real who actually owns this many similar but slightly different shades of nail polish
Glamour Nails and Some Features
So is a single stripe
Soften a french manicure with an ombre tip
A bit on the tribal side
Like a feature nail
Just the tip
Playing it with Textures
Grey is Good
You cant go wrong with classic black and white
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