expert tips on integrating mobile and cloud strategies

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Develop a cloud first and a mobile first strategy

Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

Develop a cloud first and a mobile first strategy

Many technology companies have switched to cloud first and mobile first strategies, meaning that they develop for the cloud and mobile before they do on other platforms, said Max Dufour (@maxdufour), partner, Harmeda. In fact, Sravish Sridhar (@sravish), founder and CEO, Kinvey, suggest you go one step further and use the cloud to build your mobile apps as if you had no legacy infrastructure holding you back. Cloud and mobile are not a happy accident. You can t build cloud as a way to hope to enable mobile, said Tim Crawford (@tcrawford), CIO strategic advisor, AVOA. Look upstream and leverage mobile applications to drive opportunities to leverage cloud.

Utilize productivity suites
Recognize that mobile and cloud are symbiotic and synergistic
Watch your speed
Understand the how what where when and who of data
Use Big Data to understand user mobile behavior
Integrate unified communications
Secure mobile device data at all stages
Map out users and applications for easy access to needed data
Get Goldilocks visibility into your cloud
Optimize display for the mobile experience
Test in public cloud move to private cloud for production
Offload computation to the cloud
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