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Why should you have a photography portfolio

Essential Photography Tips

Why should you have a photography portfolio

Youandre standing at a fall festival, watching your kids decorate their pumpkins, and you strike up a conversation with another parent. You find out that this person is an art editor at your favorite magazine and youandd love to do some work for them. You try to convince her that youandre a great photographer but you see her eyes glaze over because sheands heard this a thousand times, and she just wants to watch her kids. You tell stories about your photo shoots and list the places youandve been published. She tries to escape, but you follow her to the ladies room. You chase her around desperately. Oh no, this may be your only chance, but youandre not making any brownie points It would be so much easier to give her your business card with your URL. Even better, get her e mail address and send her a short, friendly note with a link to your portfolio.
Other scenarios youandre at a business breakfast or a baby shower or a friend introduces you to someone who needs photography work done. A portfolio is a way to show this person that youandre the one to do the job. Or youandre applying to a photo workshop, and they need a sample of your work to recommend a course.

Should you keep several different portfolios tailored to specific purposes
Focus on the details
Charge a minimal fee
Replace your cards every couple of years
Banish long arm self portraits
Flickr your shopping assistant
Emphasize the contact information
Shoot for free
Paper vs Digital
Describe the photos
Observe the rule of thirds
Focus on the action
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