chhath puja celebration

Chhath Puja Celebration

Chhath Puja Celebration

Chhath Katha, Rituals and Traditions, Stages of Chhath Puja Benefits and Significance of the Chhath.
Chhath Puja Celebration

Chhath Puja is a festival of rituals and celebrations.This ritual is religiously carried on every year in the northern states of India since times immemorial.Chhath Puja is a demonstration of gratitude towards the Sun God, considered God of Energy and of the life force.It is a festival of penance and prayers.The festival is special because prayers are offered to the setting sun and the rising sun, which is symbolic of death and rebirth.Not only Sun God is expected to bestow the worshippers with prosperity, progress and well being, it is also said to cure a variety of diseases, including leprosy, and ensure the longevity and prosperity of family members, friends and elders.During these days, celebrations take place in almost all the metros of India with similar spirits.In Patna, the festival is celebrated on the banks of pious River Ganges, while in Delhi the festival takes place on the banks of River Yamuna.People propose offerings to the solar deity with open arms.The atmosphere becomes enchanting with the lines of earthen lamps floating on the evening waters of the rivers.Unlike the other festivals that require priest to sanctify the ceremony, Chhath Puja is a personal celebration and does not require a priest.However, given the fact, it should not be thought that following the rituals of Chhath is easy.In fact, the rituals which are followed are quite tough and need innate courage and will power.The four days of Chhath are celebrated with non violence, forgiveness and compassion.

Chhath Puja Beliefs
First Day Of Chhath Puja 2014 Nahai Khai
Rituals and traditions
Second Day Of Chhath Puja 2014 Kharna
Chhath Puja in Bihar
Third Day Of Chhath Puja 2014 Sandhya Argha
Fourth Day Of Chhath Puja 2014 Suryodaya Argha
Date of the festival
Chhath Puja Songs
Chhath Puja SMS
Significance Of Chhath Parva
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