benefits of radicchio

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Radicchio can help fight against malaria

Benefits of Radicchio

Radicchio can help fight against malaria

Radicchio is rich in the lactone lactucopicrin (intybin). A study from the Massachusetts General Hospital has suggested antimalarial activity of lactucopicrin found in radicchio. Green radicchio is native to the Veneto region of Italy. It is commonly found in the dishes of Milan and is used in the springtime in France. The hearty green grows best in the cool months, and its real flavor comes through in the harsher, cooler conditions. Green radicchio has even been known to grow under the snow.

Bile Production
Excellent source of phenolic flavonoid
Antioxidant and energy Boost
Body metabolism
Essential Bcomplex
Radicchio can help promote better eye health
Rich in Minerals and Vitamins
Radicchio is lactucopicrin
Helps counter the hypertension effects
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