benefits of jackfruits

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What are the uses of jackfruit

Benefits of Jackfruits

What are the uses of jackfruit

The pulp of the young fruit is cooked as a vegetable, pickled or canned. Pulp of ripe fruit is eaten fresh or made into various local delicacies including chutney, jam, jelly, and paste, or preserved as candies by drying or mixing with sugar, honey or syrup. The pulp is also used to flavour ice cream and beverages, made into jackfruit honey, reduced to concentrate or powder, and used for preparing drinks. The seeds can be eaten boiled, roasted or dried and salted as table nuts, or they can be ground to make flour and blended with wheat flour for baking. Young leaves can be used as fodder for cattle and other live stock.

Jackfruit seeds
The jackfruit tree
Jackfruit juice
Selection and storage
Nutritional values & uses of jackfruit
Aids in blood clotting
Skin Health and Ageing
Helps prevent night blindness
High Levels of Potassium
Varieties of jackfruit
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