benefits of endives

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Therapeutic Uses of Endives

Benefits of Endives

Therapeutic Uses of Endives

Research indicates that adding the leafy greens of endive to your daily diet can have the following positive effects. Lower glucose levels due to the plants high insulin content. Reduce bad or LDL cholesterol levels, as it is high in dietary fiber. Improves skin and keeps the mucus membranes healthy because of the antioxidant value of vitamin A and betacarotenes present in the plant. The vitamin A in endives also helps improve eyesight and protects the body from certain types of cancers.

Maintains Digestive Healt
Cooking & Storage Tips
Jolie Endive
Healthy bones and teeth
Keeps Heart Healthy
Endive juice
Armantes Endive
Gives Strong and Thick Hair
Plant used for Medicinal
green leafy vegetables
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