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Ayurvedic Medicine


White chiretta (E), Chiretta (H):

This is an especially bitter herb that is renowned for cleansing the blood and liver of inflammation and high pitta. Chiretta is derived from 'kira-ta' meaning bitter.

Digestion Inflammatory digestive conditions, hyperacidity, bleeding piles and worms. It clears amapitta from the intestines as it acts as a mild laxative. As it stimulates the liver it can stimulate the appetite. This has a beneficial effect on rasa dhatu as it is formed as a by-product of food (ahararasa); well-digested, good-quality food creates a healthy rasa dhatu. Skin Any skin problems with signs of heat, redness, inflammation, itching, burning may indicate the use of chiretta . It clears waste toxins from the blood, thus purifying rasa and rakta dhatu. Fever Used in fevers caused by all three dosas and when aggravated by sweating and thirst. Chiretta clears the ama and toxins that cause the fever and is a specific for malaria .

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