101 keep doctors away

Keep Doctors Away

Many people with severe illnesses would give anything for a single day of perfect health.
Eat a handful of nuts 30 minutes before a meal. Step on a treadmill. Learn to cook and gain control of what goes into your meals and save money.

Choose to educate yourself about your incredible body. Use physical barriers like hats and long-sleeve shirts for sun protection rather than chemical barriers like sunscreen.

Avoid having electrical wires or mobile phones near your bed when sleeping. Eat fermented foods. They contain beneficial bacteria for our gut.

Eat off smaller plates. Get off a bus stop early & walk. Don't eat late at night. Skip seconds. Work around the house. Skip buffets.

Minimise as much as possible anything in can, packet, box, carton, jar, plastic, foil or man-made container of any kind. Eat as early in the evening as possible and leave at least 2 full hours after eating before going to sleep.

Share an entree with a friend. Grill fruits or vegetables. .

If main dishes are too big, choose an appetizer or a side dish instead.

Choose movement that stimulates the body and the mind. Immerse your body in water as often as you can. The ocean, a rock pool, the bath. Sleep as much as you can every night.

Walk instead of sitting around. Eat sweet foods in small amounts. .

Walk the beach instead of sunbathing. Walk to a co-worker's desk instead of e-mailing or calling them.

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