101 interior design ideas

Interior Design Ideas

Learn the basics of home decorating, including where to find ideas, design principles.
64. Above and beyond
This compact west London house belonging to Tom Siebens and Mimi Parsons has two small bedrooms on the upper floor, so a deep shelf built above the door lintel provides extra storage space.

19. Hidden depths
A small workspace with space saving pocket doors is concealed in a kitchen cupboard in this Victorian terrace house in west London by Clare Stevenson and Claire Sa, from architectural practice De Rosee Sa.

45. Light it up
Careful consideration of every socket, shelf and lighting source has transformed a poky bathroom in to an inviting space. The designer Juliette Byrne enlisted lighting designer Sally Storey of John Cullen for the job, installing hidden LEDs to change the feel of the space. So often people consider these things after the carpentry has been done, but we were able to plan in advance which was a joy, says Sally. We used lights on top of mirrors, and illuminated the dead space beneath the floating shelves and the vanity unit, with creates a feeling of depth: the bathroom appears so much bigger.

59. Create a cosy reading nook
If your room is lacking space for both cupboards and seating, take a leaf out of the book of the late Helen Green of Helen Green Designs. In her sons bedroom, smart storage space, with a recess for a small sofa, solves the problem. Spotlights have been added to the underside of the middle shelf to create a cozy, well lit nook for reading. The tongue and grove effect on the walls, is echoed on the sturdy bunk beds to the left of the picture.

13. Modern storage in a dining area
This small house in Knightsbridge belonging to cartoonist and interior designer Sally Ann Lasson was completely reconfigured to create a comfortable home with a sense of spaciousness. The smaller the place, the more the storage, the more hooks, the more shelves you need, she says. Tulip chairs add a modern note to the dining room. The high shelf tucked in the corner provides welcome storage, the vase on top drawing the eye to the ceiling.

46. Mix it up
The kitchen in interior designer Jane Taylors flat features storage ideas galore including this clever corner which mixes and matches shelving to brilliant, space saving effect.

15. Larder lust
Make the most of the space under the stairs by turning it in to a walk in larder like this designed by Plain English. Luxurious touches like a honed Carrara marble worktop, a wine rack and linen lined baskets for holding fruit and bread make it a joy to use.

97. Smallest room
Create a fanciful retreat in your bathroom by papering all four walls in a dynamic print. The continuous pattern allows your eye to roam the room rather than be confronted by a solid colour.

47. Pattern in neutral
Wondering what colour scheme to use in a small bedroom? In this small Chelsea house, interior designer Philippa Thorp has ingeniously used every centimetre of space. The scheme revolves around calm neutral patterns and clean lines, highlighted by eye catching abstract paintings including this one by Lasse Skarbovik.

31. Small room big bed
Just because the room is small doesnt mean the bed has to be. We love the elegant four poster from Guinevere, in this house in Cap Ferret designed by Guy Allemand and Jonathan Tuckey. Furnished sparingly, apart from the fantastically clever storage flanking the door; the lack of furniture makes the view of the sea beyond the balcony doors the main event.

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