101 ice cream flavors

Ice Cream Flavors

Enjoy 101 ice cream in all our flavors, some with half the fat of regular ice cream.
60. Hojicha Bitter Green Tea Ice Cream
Putting the

19. Whale Ice Cream
Whale has long been a delicacy among the Japanese. Certainly not a politically correct choice, but one that will definitely get people blubbering. Despite the rich, creamy texture, the ingredients are probably from a minke and not a sperm. Perhaps we should all be glad for that.

57. Aojiru Ice Cream
Aojiru, literally a broth of green leafed vegetables, became a household word across Japan because of a TV advertisement for aojiru featuring an old man guzzling down a glass full of it, and promptly proclaiming it to taste

10. Wasabi Ice Cream
Sushi gets its punch from the horseradish paste known in Japanese as wasabi. While its tingling taste makes a delightful addition to raw fish, wasabis tangy flavor also makes for a surprisingly edible ice cream.

86. Nogger Black Ice Cream
The worlds first racist ice cream! This is a liquorice flavored version of the classic nougat flavored Nogger.

55. Dracula Cool Garlic Mint Ice Cream
Called because of its supposed effectiveness against vampires due to the garlic it contains, the unfortunate addition of mint flavor almost seems enough to drain anybodys blood. A taste that seems to leave the mouth in an undead state. Definitely not to be eaten during daylight (and nighttime is best avoided, too).

28. Lettuce and Potato Ice Cream
Lettuce Ice Cream? With Potato? Rarely the best of partners even in dishes such as salads where they at least complement one another, Lettuce and Potato Ice Cream is a leafy spud dud.

45. Chili Pepper Ice Cream
Before partaking of this fiery ice cream, perhaps its best to remember that its made of the same stuff used in the capsicum spray used on those in an uncontrollable rage. Probably one of the only ice creams in existence that makes your mouth burn when you taste it.

30. Curdled Bean Ice Cream
One of Japans most repulsive foods fermented beans that form a paste that looks like slime from a cheap Hollywood horror flick, with an odor akin to dirty socks this was a natural choice for a unique ice cream flavor. Being such an appealing morsel, natto is bound to be healthy, but using it in artery clogging ice cream relieves it of even that virtue.

90. Mushroom Ice Cream
Mushrooms in dessert: hell yeah! Far West Fungi, a mushroom store in San Francisco (and source for CHOWs mushroom guide), is making ice cream out of candy cap mushrooms.I tried some, and it was maple y and delicious. Candy caps are sweet, and do taste just like maple syrup. A web search turned up a thread on Chowhound about candy cap cheesecake,different recipes for candy cap cookies, and one for candy cap bread pudding.You can purchase candy caps dried, at Far West Fungis online store. These dishes would definitely be conversation pieces.

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