101 home design ideas

Home Design Ideas

How to decorate your home and dining room in modern bohemian style.
71. Stock a bar
Create a bar corner and buy beautiful bar accessories very Nick and Nora Charles. I like the Alvar Aalto Tea Trolley from unicahome.com, or you could just commandeer a console table.

92. Rustic library style
In the library of this New York home, the owner unified mismatched wingback chairs with floral brocade upholstery and burlap cushions. The walls are painted Spanish Moss by Restoration Hardware.

76. Start small
The single cheapest makeover I know is a dimmer, a new CD, and some flowers.

37. Use a striped rug
Put a striped rug over your solid color carpet to create a new feeling in any room.

89. Streamlined
Think every living room needs draperies? Think again. Here, bare windows make for a refreshingly streamlined look that also takes advantage of this Florida cottages beautiful light.

85. Coordinate carpet
I got rid of all the mismatched rugs in my house and put down round jute rugs from West Elm eight feet in diameter. They throw you a curve and make the room feel lighter.

8. Hide led lights
Buy a bunch of those battery operated LED Everywhere lights for only $8.99 each. Theyre like little hockey pucks, with adhesive on the back. Put them under a console table, on top of a bookcase, or use them to backlight some interesting object on a shelf.

99. Functional style
The owners of this Tennessee home filled in the blanks with new upholstered furniture that wears relaxed, washable slipcovers. Although the family rooms Persian rug might look fancy, it secured its prime spot based on practicality. The pattern masks spills! the owner explains.

52. Top with marble
Buy a piece of marble from a stone yard and have them hone it and make it into a new top for a table you already own. Instant patisserie!

3. Divide and conquer
I once had a friend stay with me for a week and she cleaned out all my drawers. It was a life changing experience. So go to the Container Store and buy all those drawer dividers and start organizing.

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