101 baby friendly decorations ideas

Baby Friendly Decorations Ideas

The decorating experts at HGTV share eight designer tips for incorporating kid friendly.
69. Quaint cape
It looks small but can host a bunch. When Kelly McKenna and her then husband bought the Duxbury, Mass., house in 1991, they had dreams of a head to toe reno. But it wasnt until 2010 that Kelly, a financial executive, had saved up enough money and decided to do the overhaul.

70. A Place for Everything and Everyone
Kelly says, My kids, Bella and Thomas, were having more and more friends over, and they would all cram into the little TV room. I wanted to make the house comfortable for a crowd. She remodeled this borrowed space from the garage to create an organized back entry. Since shes a total clutter hater, Kelly loves that theres a dedicated space for everyones stuff here built in cubbies for Thomas and Bellas backpacks, coats and shoes; another for Rileys leashes and dog biscuits. They drop beach towels and gym clothes in the rolling laundry bins on their way into the house.

68. The Best of Our 8 Decor Styles
Ever like a certain look, but cant quite put your finger on what the style is? This past year we started a catalog of eight distinct decor styles and highlighted everything from kids rooms, to furniture and even light fixtures that fit within these categories.

For years IKEAs EXPEDIT has been a ubiquitous storage solution for homes everywhere. But recently the Swedish furnishing giants VITTSJ? has been showing up more and more on my design radar. It doesnt scream IKEA, and youd never guess the system starts as low as $40. The black metal and glass shelving system has a nice industrial quality on its own, but it seems to really shine when its given a bright coat of paint. Here are five really great examples of VITTSJOs potential.

1. Carolyns bedroom makeover
Now that youve seen the peachy beige before photos, its time to talk about the design direction that our makeover was taking. Im an image hoarder, so I pulled open all the files that I had saved from the last few years and obsessed over them, looking for ideas. Join me on my journey.

35. Darling double desk design
Anyone else have one desk that fits two? Our children inherited this dual sided IKEA desk with two drawers from their father, so I put together a little mood board that could potentially fit equally well in the kitchen or bedroom.

11. Home style might be
Mid century modernists love clean lines, informal living, and a love of the past. Think your home could pass as mid century modern? Here are ten signs to tell for sure.

4. Every color goes together
In a recent interview with Refinery29, Bradford Shellhammer of Bezar said, My whole thing is, every color goes together. I dont care. Itll complement or contrast. If you put every color in a room, its going to work. In honor of Bradfords bold statement and in defiance of every tenet youve heard about restricted color palettes, here are 10 rooms that embody this more is more when it comes to color philosophy.

71. Popular hangout
On most days Kelly has a houseful of teenagers and only two of them are hers. I wanted the kind of house where my kids friends would always come over, she says. Boy, did she get her wish! Kelly McKennas kids, Bella, far right, Thomas, standing, and their friends use the table constantly. It didnt get nearly as much action when it lived in the dining room.

42. Fashioned west village atelier
Out the window, theres a tumble of rooftops and a church steeple or two. Inside, a palette plucked from Laduree, lavender fields, Hermes boxes and champagne labels, with a bit of gilding for good measure. While its one part atelier, including an artists garret of sorts, its the West Village, not the Left Bank. Life is good, and life is tres chic, in the fashionable home of interior designer Michelle Lin Greenip.

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