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Wealth quotes

Avarice is generally the last passion of those lives of which the first part has been squandered in pleasure, and the second devoted to ambition. He that sinks under the fatigue of getting wealth, lulls his age with the milder business of saving it.

- Johnson, Samuel

Industry, perseverance, and frugality make fortune yield.

- Franklin, Benjamin

Peace and blessings manifest with every lesson learned - and if your knowledge were your wealth then it would be well earned.

- Erykah Badu

Don't knock the rich. When did a poor person give you a job?

- Peter, Laurence J.

He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.

- Socrates

Be charitable before wealth makes you covetous.

- Browne, Sir Thomas

Property left to a child may soon be lost; but the inheritance of virtue--a good name an unblemished reputation--will abide forever. If those who are toiling for wealth to leave their children, would but take half the pains to secure for them virtuous habits, how much more serviceable would they be. The largest property may be wrested from a child, but virtue will stand by him to the last.

- William Graham Sumner

All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination, Imagination is the workshop of your mind, capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and wealth.

- Hill, Napoleon

I never can pass by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York without thinking of it not as a gallery of living portraits but as a cemetery of tax-deductible wealth.

- Lapham, Lewis H.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

- Thoreau, Henry David

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquillity and occupation which give happiness.

- Jefferson, Thomas

Don't judge men's wealth or godliness by their Sunday appearance.

- Franklin, Benjamin

Education is not merely a means for earning a living or an instrument for the acquisition of wealth. "It is an initiation into life of spirit, a training of the human soul in the pursuit of truth and the practice of virtue.

- Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

We will lower the tax burden on middle-class Americans by asking the very wealthy to pay their fair share. Middle-class taxpayers will have a choice between a children's tax credit or a significant reduction in the income tax rate.

- Bill Clinton and Al Gore

Prosperity in the form of wealth works exactly the same as everything else. You will see it coming into your life when you are unattached to needing it.

- Dyer, Wayne

The poetry of heroism appeals irresistibly to those who don't go to a war, and even more to those whom the war is making enormously wealthy. It's always so.

- Celine, Louis-Ferdinand

Wealth is not a matter of intelligence it's a matter of inspiration.

- Rohn, Jim

The smell of profit is clean and sweet, whatever the source.

- Juvenal, (Decimus Junius Juvenalis)

There exists a false aristocracy based on family name, property, and inherited wealth. But there likewise exists a true aristocracy based on intelligence, talent and virtue.

- Tom Robbins

Every man of ambition has to fight his century with its own weapons. What this century worships is wealth. The God of this century is wealth. To succeed one must have wealth. At all costs one must have wealth.

- Wilde, Oscar

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