Suffering quotes

A reader who quarrels with postulates, who dislikes Hamlet because he does not believe that there are ghosts or that people speak in pentameters, clearly has no business in literature. He cannot distinguish fiction from fact, and belongs in the same category as the people who send checks to radio stations for the relief of suffering heroines in soap operas.

- Frye, Northrop

Experience is the extract of suffering.

- Helps, Sir Arthur

The modern mind is in complete disarray. Knowledge has stretched itself to the point where neither the world nor our intelligence can find any foot-hold. It is a fact that we are suffering from nihilism.

- Camus, Albert

It is good for me that I was afflicted that I may learn Thy statutes. [Psalms 119:71]

- Bible

What actions are most excellent? To gladden the heart of human beings, to feed the hungry, to help the afflicted, to lighten the sorrow of the sorrowful, and to remove the sufferings of the injured.

- Prophet Mohammad

There is not much sense in suffering, since drugs can be given for pain, itching, and other discomforts. The belief has long died that suffering here on earth will be rewarded in heaven. Suffering has lost its meaning.

- KuBler-Ross, Elisabeth

Suffering is part of the divine idea.

- Beecher, Henry Ward

Whenever a human being, through the commission of a crime, has become exiled from good, he needs to be reintegrated with it through suffering. The suffering should be inflicted with the aim of bringing the soul to recognize freely some day that its infliction was just.

- Weil, Simone

Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts; not amid joy.

- Hemans, Felicia D.

I felt despair. Though it seems to me now there's two kinds of it: the sort that causes a person to surrender and then the sort I had which made me take risks and make plans.

- Erica Eisdorfer

An artist is someone who cannot rest, who can never rest as long as there is one suffering creature in this world.

- Madeleine L'Engle

But a somewhat more liberal and sympathetic examination of mankind will convince us that the cross is even older than the gibbet, that voluntary suffering was before and independent of compulsory; and in short that in most important matters a man has always been free to ruin himself if he chose.

- G. K. Chesterton

We mortals with immortal minds are only born for sufferings and joys, and one could almost say that the most excellent receive joy through sufferings.

- Ludwig van Beethoven

To become a spectator of one's own life is to escape the suffering of life.

- Wilde, Oscar

To choose a hardship for ourselves is our only defense against that hardship. This is what is meant by accepting suffering. Those who, by their very nature, can suffer completely, utterly, have an advantage. That is how we can disarm the power of suffering, make it our own creation, our own choice; submit to it. A justification for suicide.

- Pavese, Cesare

A thing derided is a thing dead; a laughing man is stronger than a suffering man.

- Gustave Flaubert

In verity we are the poor. This humanity we would claim for ourselves is the legacy, not only of the Enlightenment, but of the thousands and thousands of European peasants and poor townspeople who came here bringing their humanity and their sufferings with them. It is the absence of a stable upper class that is responsible for much of the vulgarity of the American scene. Should we blush before the visitor for this deficiency?

- Mccarthy, Mary

If suffer we must, let's suffer on the heights.

- Victor Hugo

The reward of suffering is experience.

- Aeschylus

It is the lot of man to suffer.

- Disraeli, Benjamin

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