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Medicine quotes

He who lives by medical prescriptions lives miserably.

- Proverb

To array a man's will against his sickness is the supreme art of medicine.

- Beecher, Henry Ward

It is medicine, not scenery, for which a sick man must go searching.

- Seneca

MUMMY, n. An ancient Egyptian, formerly in universal use among modern civilized nations as medicine, and now engaged in supplying art with an excellent pigment. He is handy, too, in museums in gratifying the vulgar curiosity that serves to distinguish man from the lower animals. By means of the Mummy, mankind, it is said, Attests to the gods its respect for the dead. We plunder his tomb, be he sinner or saint, Distil him for physic and grind him for paint, Exhibit for money his poor, shrunken frame, And with levity flock to the scene of the shame. O, tell me, ye gods, for the use of my rhyme: For respecting the dead what's the limit of time? Scopas Brune

- Ambrose Bierce

If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.

- Thomas Jefferson

In our own time we have seen domination spread over the social landscape to a point where it is beyond all human control. Compared to this stupendous mobilization of materials, of wealth, of human intellect, of human labor for the single goal of domination, all other recent human achievements pale to almost trivial significance. Our art, science, medicine, literature, music and charitable acts seem like mere droppings from a table on which gory feasts on the spoils of conquest have engaged the attention of a system whose appetite for rule is utterly unrestrained.

- Bookchin, Murray

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.

- Bonaparte, Napoleon

Doctors and nurses are people who give you medicine until you die.

- Deborah Martin

Walking is a man's best medicine.

- Hippocrates

The only medicine that does women more good than harm is dress.

- Paul, Jean

I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians.

- Alexander The Great

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine.

- Lord Byron

Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul.

- Burbank, Luther

An anthill increases by accumulation. Medicine is consumed by distribution. That which is feared lessens by association. This is the thing to understand.

- Nagarjuna, Siddha

Philosophy, like medicine, has plenty of drugs, few good remedies, and hardly any specific cures.

- Chamfort, Sebastien-Roch Nicolas De

Make hunger thy sauce, as a medicine for health.

- Thomas Tusser

Psychiatric expert testimony: mendacity masquerading as medicine.

- Szasz, Thomas

Like a celestial chaperon, the placebo leads us through the uncharted passageways of mind and gives us a greater sense of infinity than if we were to spend all our days with our eyes hypnotically glued to the giant telescope at Mt. Palomar. What we see ultimately is that the placebo isn't really necessary and that the mind can carry out its difficult and wondrous missions unprompted by little pills. The placebo is only a tangible object made essential in an age that feels uncomfortable with intangibles, an age that prefers to think that every inner effect must have an outer cause. Since it has size and shape and can be hand-held, the placebo satisfies the contemporary craving for visible mechanisms and visible answers . The placebo, then, is an emissary between the will to live and the body.

- Cousins, Norman

I was not long since in a company where I was not who of my fraternity brought news of a kind of pills, by true account, composed of a hundred and odd several ingredients; whereat we laughed very heartily, and made ourselves good sport; for what rock so hard were able to resist the shock or withstand the force of so thick and numerous a battery?

- Montaigne, Michel Eyquem De

In many things success at first is dangerous, and defeat an excellent medicine for testing people's honesty--for setting them honestly to work to see what they want, and what are the best modes of attaining it. Our sound thrashing, as a nation, in the first French war was the making of our armies; and it is good for an idea, as well as for a man, to bear the yoke in his youth.

- Lectures on Ancien Regime. 1867.

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