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Gossip quotes

Growing up female in America. What a liability! You grew up with your ears full of cosmetic ads, love songs, advice columns, whoreoscopes, Hollywood gossip, and moral dilemmas on the level of TV soap operas. What litanies the advertisers of the good life chanted at you! What curious catechisms!

- Jong, Erica

EAVESDROP, v.i. Secretly to overhear a catalogue of the crimes and vices of another or yourself. A lady with one of her ears applied To an open keyhole heard, inside, Two female gossips in converse free -- The subject engaging them was she. "I think," said one, "and my husband thinks That she's a prying, inquisitive minx!" As soon as no more of it she could hear The lady, indignant, removed her ear. "I will not stay," she said, with a pout, "To hear my character lied about!" Gopete Sherany

- Ambrose Bierce

Historian. A broad -- gauge gossip.

- Bierce, Ambrose

Gossip is the opiate of the oppressed.

- Jong, Erica

Sight before hearsay.

- Proverb, Danish

Anyone who has obeyed nature by transmitting a piece of gossip experiences the explosive relief that accompanies the satisfying of a primary need.

- Levi, Primo

There is a lust in man no charm can tame: Of loudly publishing his neighbor's shame: On eagles wings immortal scandals fly, while virtuous actions are born and die.

- Harvey, William

Every week I read about myself in a magazine, about something that I haven't done or some place that I've never been or don't even know. It's just gossip, rumors, egos, and politics.

- Hilary Duff

My ass contemplates those who talk behind my back.

- Picabia, Francis

Many species reciprocate, but only humans gossip, and much of what we gossip about is the vale of other people as partners for reciprocal relationships.

- Jonathan Haidt

Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will.

- Pythagoras

I sometimes compare press officers to riflemen on the Somme -- mowing down wave upon wave of distortion, taking out rank upon rank of supposition, deduction and gossip.

- Ingham, Bernard

Gossip is news running ahead of itself in a red satin dress.

- Smith, Liz

Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid.

- Walter Winchell

How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true!

- Smith, Logan Pearsall

Your friend has a friend; don't tell him.

- Proverb, Chinese

To live so that you would not be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip, is to have lived well


If they don't depend on true evidence, scientists are no better than gossips.

- Fitzgerald, Penelope

Remember, every time you open your mouth to talk, your mind walks out and parades up and down the words.

- Stuart, Edwin H.

I maintain that, if everyone knew what others said about him, there would not be four friends in the world.

- Pascal, Blaise

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