Best Gurudwaras in India
In the 15th century a religion emerged in India that spoke about equality.
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In the 15th century a religion emerged in India that spoke about equality, bravery and generosity. Sikhism, founded by the humble saint Guru Nanak, proved to be one of the most powerful religions in the history of India. This religion gave us a league of extraordinary men that fought for truth and became pillars of courage. Today, Sikhism is the fourth-largest religion in India with 2% of the country’s total population following it. Their places of worship called Gurudwara are the sacred shrines that not only render us spiritual comfort but also offer us an insight into how Sikhism has sustained. With more than 200 Gurudwaras established across India, Sikhs have managed some of the cleanest and organized places of worship in India. That is why this time around we have prepared a list of some of the best Gurudwaras in India for you to go beyond the known.
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