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100. Yoga Nidhrasana
Ancient yogis used to sleep in this posture only. Nidra means, sleep. Yoga nidra means yogic people who wanted to control their body and to bring it under their control, tried various methods of yoga postures and practised them. One among them is the yoga nidra. If you try, you can succeed in doing this asana.
1. Place your legs behind your head (as you do for halasana posture).
2. Take your knees near your ears and place it firmly in the ground. For sometime, this will be difficult, but by constant practise, it becomes easy.
3. Now by holding your toes by hands, place your feet one above the other.
4. Lift your head, which is in between your legs and place it on both the legs.
5. During this process, your hip should be placed firmly in the ground.
6. After coming to this stage, place your hands at the back of the buttocks and join them.
7. Be in this yogic position for as long as you can. Some people use to do Namaskar in this asana by placing their buttock firmly on the ground and by lifting their hip. Both of these postures bring same benefits.
In this pose the spine is given is given a full forward stretch and one feels a pleasing sensation in thback. It is one of the best front bending poses. Even the maximum stretch of Paschimottanasana does not give the same feeling of right exercise, comfort and rest as the correxct practice of Yoganidrasana.In the back bending poses the lungs and the abdominal muscles are given maximum expansion. In this asna the lungs and the abdominal muscles are contracted to the full. In a short time, the practice of lthe pose tones the kidneys, liver, splee, intestines gall bladder, prostates and the urine bladder. The abdominal organs will be free from diseases by continued practice of this pose. It also exercises the gonads and releases energy and vitality in the system. The nerves will be rested and energy will be stored in the body for better thinking and better work.
1. You can breathe naturally while performing this asana.
2. Never try to place the legs near the neck in one attempt, do it slowly and safely.
3. Practising in tensed manner will give neck stiffness and hip pain.
4. Do it slowly and safely after administering all the precautions given above.
Lying on the back in a supine position bring the knees to the chest. Open them and cross the feet over one and other. Hold the feet in the middle or beside the toes so that you can get a little more leverage. Roll back a little and draw the feet towards the top of the head. Try to bring them over the top of the head so that the hook behind the head.

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