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99. Vrischikasana II
Scorpion Posture
Perform Adhomuka Vrikshasana. After getting the balance exhale slowly and bend the knees so that the feet rest on the crown of the headHold in this position for a few seconds, slowly come back to the normal position.
Bend the knees and separate the knees outer hip-width apart. Bring the inner edges of the feet together. Move the chest down and forward until the sternum is level to the floor.Inhale, lift the chin and curl the head back. Exhale, lower the soles of the feet to the head. Look straight ahead. Hold the pose and breathe. To come out, inhale, lift the legs vertical.
The Vrischikasana is a great way to strengthen your torso and back and get rid of stubborn fat from these areas. It also helps to strengthen your arms and your shoulders. The Scorpion Pose also helps you to improve your sense of balance.This is also an excellent posture for improving the flexibility of the spine.It also helps to build stamina and endurance.
First and foremost, if you are new to this pose, it is a good idea to perform it under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor. Do not attempt this pose until your yoga trainer or guru tells you that you are ready for it.You should not perform this pose if you suffer from any hip or back problems.If you have a history of heart disease, it is best to avoid this posture. People who have high blood pressure or suffer from vertigo should also avoid performing the Scorpion Pose.
It is also known as the Catur Svanasana or the Quarter Dog Pose. It is similar to the Downward Facing Dog Pose, but instead of your bodyweight being borne by your hands and feet, the weight is borne by your hands, forearms, and feet.

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