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93. Veerasana
warrior pose
Veerasana means a hero, that is, warrior this exercise suggests courage and boldness.Sit as in the position of vajarasana Slide the feet so that they are kept by the side of the thighs. The inner side of each calf should touch the outer side of respective thighs.Place the hands with clinched hand.Close the eyes and start meditation. Hold in this position for about 2 to 3 minutes with even breathing. Exhale slowly and come back to the original position.
1. Take the left foot forward and place the left foot on the floor at th e maximum distance from the initial position.
2. Bring both the hands together, join the palms and place them on the knees of the left leg. Bend the left leg in the knee in such a way that the thigh and the calf come in 90 degrees. Keep the right leg straight.
3. Raise the joined hands up and take them back above the head and then without bending the hands in the elbows, bend the head backward and keep the sight backward down.
1. As rightly suggested it gives enough strength to the ankles, feet and thighs.This exercise is most beneficial to the soldiers and sportsmen.
2. It helps to cure pain in the heels.
3.The Brahma mudra posture strengthens the wrist and fingers.
4. This exercise provides strength to ;the foot and hands. It is recommended to ;the persons who are in adventure sports.
The process of the backward bending should be slow and controlled, else it becomes difficult to maintain the balance. The loss of balance may prove injurious to certain parts of the body. Slow and controlled movements help in having halt at the needed point and avoiding the unwanted strain.
The front leg should be bent in 90 degrees angle and the back leg should be straight. Keep the toes frontward. The back leg, the back, the neck and both the hands form a very good arch in this position and this forming of arch is desirable, too. The body should be weighed backward and keeping the arms near the ears, the neck should also be bent downwards.

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