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79. Trivikramasana
Reclined Three Steps Pose
This is one of the most difficult and also an important yogic exercise, which has several traditional values. Trivikrama refers to 'Lord Vishnu'.
1. Stand firmly. Ensure that the entire body should be straight.
2. Slowly raise the right leg upward and then raising the right hand place them on the feet. Interlock the fingers and stretch the arms in order to ;hold the right heel firmly as shown in the figure.
3. Ensure that the right calf is near the right ear and then slowly widen the elbows. while doing so ensure to maintain the body, straight and be well balanced.
4. Stay in this position for about 8 to 10 seconds with normal breathing.
5. Slowly release the right heel and the leg in order to resume the normal position.
6. Repeat the process alternatively on the other side with the same procedure.
Note: This exercise can also be performed in the lying position as shown fig 16.1. Those who find difficult to perform in the standing position, should start this exercise first on the lying posture.
1. This exercise involves extensive stretch to the legs and things, hence it helps to provide good nourishment to th legs. This is one of the very useful exercises for athletes and sportsmen.
2. It helps to build legs and things very strong.
3. It helps to cure Hernia.
4. Another important benefit from this exercise is that it helps to reduce sexual urge which helps to control the mind.
5. erforming this exercise helps to increase the blood circulation in pelvic region and also in genital organs and keeps those organs healthy.
Keeping the legs straight, lift the right leg and hold the heel with the hands

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