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76. Triangya Mukothanasana
Intense Upside-Down Face Pose
Tiriang Mukhottanasana (Intense Upside-Down Face Pose) registers as 60 on BKS Iyengar’s 60 scale of difficulty in Light on Yoga.Finally, near the very end of Light on Yoga, we get to see what BKS Iyengar means by 60 out of 60 difficulty! Holy smokes, this really is the ultimate challenge.Urdhva Dhanurasana is the first step towards preparing for Tiriang Mukhottanasa. Once you’re comfortable in Urdhva Dhanurasana, you turn your toes slightly out, then walk your hands towards your feet until, maybe someday, your hands and feet touch. Then, you take it one step further and walk your hands onto your shins. Wowza.I am nowhere near ready for this pose right now! So, instead I work on a narrow Urdhva Dhanurasana – walking my hands towards my feet as much as I comfortably can. With time and practice, my hands will crawl closer to my feet, but I don’t push myself any farther than my body enjoys. Tiriang Mukhottanasana highlights the importance of exploring a pose only to your personal edge – and not focusing too much on the end goal. The ultimate goal on your mat is to be fully present to the unique experience of your embodiment, and to celebrate and savor every second of it.
1. First attempt:Stand up straight and place the lower rope over the buttocks. This rope helps us become aware of where the coccyx as this is the base of every back bend. Stretch your arms straight up and hold onto the top rope (arms apart). Pull slightly on the ropes in order to life the sternum bone and side rib cage. At the same time roll your shoulders back and down in order to release your head backwards. Begin to drag your hands down the top ropes and arch the back. The top ropes will in stil a sense of confidence while at the time allow you to work strongly into the chest. In fact, think of this as a chest lift rather than a back bend.
2.Second attempt: Standing in the same position in the bottom rope, take the heel of yourhands to the buttocks (fingers pointing downward). Feeling the support of the bottom rope at the coccyx begin to slide your hands down the back of your legs. Lifting the chest intensely, discover how far your body will allow you to go.
3.Third attempt:Repeat the pose without the ropes. Move the coccyx orward Feeling the support of the bottom rope, remembering how the top ropes built your confidence. Go deeper into the pose, lifting the chest more and more. Keep the back of the neck long and look backwards towards the floor.
4.Fourth attempt: To intensify the back arch repeat the third attempt. Once confident, slightly bend your knees and lower the hands down the back of the legs.
Stretches the chest and lungs.Intensely stretches the spine and back.Strengthens the back
Back injury,igh or low blood pressure Shoulder Injury
To come out of the pose, place your hands on each buttock and straighten up evenly.Overcoming fears is one of our greatest challenges. What we mostly do is avoid thatwhich gives us fear obsessively. Yoga can teach you to overcome fears, starting with the fears we have aro und our own physical body. As we learn to face these physical fears, confront them and break them , we begin to realize that we have the incredible ability to do the same thing in our every day lives. We are so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We are so much more adaptable than we realize, we just have take the step andfind out what we are capable of

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