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69. Siddhasana
Accomplished Pose
From a seated position, one heel is brought to the groin area (perineum), then the opposite ankle placed over the first leg with the toes and heel of the second foot resting in the fold made between the thigh and calf of the first leg beneath it. The spine is held erect. A small meditation cushion or zafu is sometimes used to aid vertical back is said many saints acquired super natural powers by sitting in this asana. Perhaps on account of this the name has been given as such. Siddhi means super natural power. Stout persons find this asana easy.One of the most popular meditation postures is Siddhasana. The Sanskrit name means ""Perfect Pose,"" because one attains perfection in Yoga by meditating in this position. Siddhasana is useful to learn, since it is used as the practice seat for some of the pranayamas and the mudras. The positions of the legs and the hands also contain the body energies by closing the circuits and allowing awakened vital forces to remain in the system during meditation practice.
Spread a blanket four folded.Sit over it in the usual way.Place the heel of one leg just below the anus.Place the heel of the other leg below the generative organs. See that the regenerative organs are not pressed.In this pose the joints of the two heels will be just touching each other.By a continued practice for a fortnight or so it will be easy.The hands may be placed in chin mindra style. Then come to the original position.Keep hands with palms open if done between sunrise and sunset; otherwise reverse the palms. The spine should always be held erect.Take hold of the ankle or heel of the left leg and place it on top of the right leg.The sole of the left leg should touch the right thigh, while the heel presses against the groin.Place your hands on your knees with the palm facing upward. Join the tips of the index finger and thumb of each hand to form a circle.Your spine should be erect and straight. The spine, neck and head should be in a straight line.Look downwards and bend your neck slowly until your chin touches the throat.Keep your eyes half closed.Breathe smoothly and evenly and chant your mantras as long as you wish to. Alternate the leg which has to be raised, so that your flexibility is developed evenly in both hips and legs.
Practice of this asana helps in concentration and clarity of mind.It improves memory, digestion and the faculty of the mind.Young aspirants who wish to get themselves established in Brahmacharya should practice this Asana .Through this posture the Yogi, leaving the world, attains the highest end and throughout the world there is no posture more sacred than this. By assuming and contemplating in this posture, the Yogi is freed from sin.Persons suffering from syphilis, spermatorrhoea, piles, diabetes and gonorrhoea be greatly benefited by assuming this pose regularly for some time.Ayurveda and yoga training School- Over 30 years of experince in field of Ayurveda,Our doctors and Masseurs are so expert that even if you are new in this field we will make you a professional within 30 days
It is best to avoid performing it when you have certain physical ailments and problems. For instance, the pose is not recommended for those who have recently had any surgeries, especially on their back or hip.It is also not commended for those who suffer from pain in the lower back and sciatica.People with knee pain, arthritis or recent knee injuries should also not perform this pose.
Sit on the ground with your head and spine erect without drooping your shoulders. Extend your legs forward such that your knees and heels are placed together. With the help of your hands, place your right foot against your left thigh. Next, place your left foot over your right ankle. The soles of the feet must touch the thighs, and the heels must be close to the pubic bone.

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