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67. Shirsha Padasana
Foot to Head Pose
Shirsha' means 'head' and 'pada' means 'foot'. In this exercise the foot is to be placed on the crown of the head. Hence it is termed as Shirsha Padasana. Though it resembles Dhanurasana, it has distinct features and advantages.
Exhale, slowly bend the legs near the knees and place the feet on the crown of the head. The legs should be horizontal to the ground.Place the hands on the foot and make a lock with the help of fingers. Stretch the neck to the maximum extent. There should be perfect ach on the back.Hold in this position for 10 to 15 seconds with normal breathing. Slowly release the interlock of the hand and also release the legs and relax.
1. This asana helps to strengthen the back, the neck, the shoulder, the thighs and the foot.
2. This exercise is recommended for the disorders of the urinary system.
3. This asana helps to prevent accumulation of fat in the region of stomach and hips.
4. It helps to cure congested liver, spleen and other related problem.

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