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57. Purna Dhanurasana
The Bow Pose
This is the final and the advanced posture of Dhanurasana. This exactly resembles a Dhanush (the Bow).In this yogasana, all the vertebrae benefit from the stretch. The entire body bears the strain and becomes more elastic. The whole weight falls on the abdominal area near the navel and due to the pressure on the abdominal aorta, blood circulates properly round the abdominal organs. This keeps them healthy and improves the digestion. In this posture the shoulder blades are well stretched so that stiffness in the shoulders is relieved. The most noticeable effect, however, is that throughout the strenuous movements, the mind remains passive and still. this asana helps to keep one trim and young in body, and fresh and alert in mind.
Perform padagustha Dhanurasana.After attaining the balance slowly bend the legs in the knee's region so that is is horizontal to the ground. The hand should be firm and straight.Dhanurasana is a yoga pose in which the practitioner lies on the belly, grasps the feet, and lifts the legs into the shape of a bow.Dhanurasana, or the bow curve pose, is a cultural asana that has a beneficial effect on several muscles in the body, including those of the back, the forearms and the abdomen.
1. The hygienic features of this posture are the extraordinary amount of pressure, due to the whole body being thrown upon the umbilical region only; the extreme stretching of the abdominal and pelvic muscles; and the steady pull anterior pull throughout the spinal column, with the alternate contraction and relaxation of the spinal muscles.
2. Further, the venous drainage facilitates fresh supply of blood to the abdominal viscera, especially of the lower abdomen and the reproductory organs.
3. Several muscles, including the extensors of the hip, elbow, wrist and drunk, and the abdubtors of the shoulder joints are exercised by this asana.
4. The quadriceps and pectorals are also strained thanks to holding the legs in the bow curve position.
Lie on your front, chin on the floor, legs straight out behind you. Bend your legs at the knees and grab your feet from the outside of the foot. Hold on the top of the foot just below the toes, fingers and thumbs together.

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