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55. Purna Bhujangasana
Full Cobra Pose
This is the advanced posture of Bhujangasana and it is difficult to perform in the initial stage. By attaining perfection and constant practice, one can easily perform this exercise.Poorna Bhujangasana is usually not easily done by everyone. The spine should have a decent amount of flexibility if you want to accomplish this Asana. However, it is always good to start practicing for it, in case you are not suffering from any back pain. Trying to do this Asana, you will be able to release the stiffness of your entire back- cervical, middle and lumber back, as well as make your neck free. Not to mention you also massage your abdominal region, leading to a slimmer waist. The simpler version of this is Bhujangasana - in which only the upper body is raised and the legs remain at the ground. In Sanskrit, the word Bhujang means a ‘cobra’. The body is raised in a manner that resembles a snake. Doing this Asana, our spine becomes as flexible as that of a snake. Besides the back, we also stmulate our heart, chest. The step by step guide, and the various physical and psychological benefits are given below:
Slowly raise the head so that the crown of the head touches the buttock region. Move the arms slowly towards the back and hold near the ankles.Stay in this position for about 8 to 10 seconds with even breathing.Slowly release the had grip and also lift the head in order to come back to a normal position. Lie down on your stomach. Relax completely with forehead resting on the floor.Join your legs together and bring arms close to the body, keep hands beside the chest, palm facing ground With an inhalation, slowly raise the upper part of body including chest, till the navel. Avoid a jerky movement. Be slow and gradual. With an exhalation, bend your back ackwards, releasing your neck. Try to maintain this position for thirty seconds. Now gradually lift your legs, bending from the knee, and bring your feet as close to the head as possible. Touch the head with your feet's toes, if you can. Try to maintain this position for thirty seconds.Exhale and bring your legs back first, and the the torso. Relax for 60 seconds.
The spine becomes strong and flexible.The ndocrine and digestive system is stimulated Abdominal and muscles of the back are trengthened Problems of cervical spondilytis, and all kinds of spinal disc problems can be avoided and cured with careful practice.
Pregnant women and people with severe back ache or spinal injury have to strictly not do it.People with surgeries in the abdomen should avoid it, also people suffering from ulcers and hernia.
In the final position keep the hands straight, chest forward. Keep the spine in arch.

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