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53. Pavanamukthasana
Wind Removing Pose
Lie flat on the back and stretch both your legs. Now inhale and press your bent legs on your chest with both hands. Interlock the fingers around the knees. Stay in this position on some time. Suspend the breath for 5 seconds stretch the legs straight and return to the starting position. Repeat this process with your right leg and then with both the legs.The Wind Removing Pose or Pavanamuktasana is a yoga pose in which the body is positioned in a supine position. Everyone, regardless of whether he or she is a beginner or advanced practitioner, can practice this pose. The Pavanamuktasana (Wind Removing Pose) massages the organs of the abdomen and also eases tension that occurs in the area of the belly and lower back.The pose is also commonly called the Wind Relieving Pose. This pose gets its name from three major Sanskrit words namely; ‘pavana’ which means air, ‘mukta’ which means freedom as also release, and ‘asana’ which means pose. Another name for the Wind Removing Pose is the ‘One-Legged Knee-to-Chest Pose’.
1. Lie down on the floor with the face upward. Bend both the knees and wrap the hands around the legs as shown in the posture.
2. Ensure that the hands are locked with the support of fingers.
3. Exhale slowly, raise the head forward till the forehead is in between the knees. The thighs should be pressed against the stomach.
4. Inhale bring the forehead near the knees. Repeat the process for about 10 times .
5. Inhale deeply and gradually lower the head and relax.
6. This exercise is performed on each side, wherein each thigh presses against the stomach in Ekapada Pavanamukthasana. Those who find it difficult t perform Dwipada Pavanamukthasana, can start with Ekpadas Pavanamukthasana and with practice it is easier to perform Dwipada Pavanamukthasana. Since both the thighs together press against the abdomen, it is called as Dwipada Pavanamukthasana.
1. The therapeutic advantages of Ekada Pavanamukthasana and Dwipada Pavanamukthasana are more or less same.
2. This is an effective exercise to cure constipation and digestive disorders. It cures indigestion and promotes digestive function.
3. In this exercise abdominal region is exercised very well and all the abdominal diseases are cured.
4. It cures gastric trouble and also those suffering from piles get relief.
5. The wind removing pose provides a gentle massage to the organs of the digestive system. It helps improve the efficiency of the internal organs, stimulates the nerves, and increases the circulation of blood to the internal organs of the body.
6. Practicing the wind removing pose also helps to get rid of any gases that are trapped in the large intestine.
7. Performing this pose regularly helps improve the efficiency of the digestive system.
8. The wind removing pose also loosens the spinal vertebrae and strengthens the muscles of the lower back.9.The avanamuktasana is also an excellent abdominal workout and helps tone and strengthen your core muscles.
Avoid performing this pose just after you have had any surgery in the abdominal area or suffering from hernia. Do not attempt this pose if you have an injury in the spine or sciatica.You should also avoid this pose if you are pregnant.Do not perform this posture on a full stomach. Do ensure that you always practice all yoga poses within your abilities as also within limits.
In this position the thighs are pressed against the abdomen and the wrists or elbows are clasped. The neck is bent towards the knees and if possible the forehead or chin is touching the knees. The breath is relaxed.

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