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40. Mulabandasana
Root Lock Pose
Tones ankle joint. "A self-realized soul, however, who is awakened to the absolute reality and who is thus highly situated in the perfect stage of yoga, will never again surrender to the material body and its manifold manifestations, knowing it to be just like a body visualized in a dream."
"Mula bandha is the “root lock”, activate by engaging and drawing up through your pelvic floor. Mulabandhasana facilitates mula bandha in two ways: firstly, your feet rest directly underneath the pelvic floor, drawing more attention to that area; secondly, holding the pose requires you to engage mula bandha to stay stable and lifted. Mulabandhasana is an incredibly difficult pose and requires great flexbility in your hips, knees, ankles and feet. Personally, I can’t fathom how Iyengar does it. Rather than attempting the full pose, which would definitely put me at risk of injury, I place my heels underneath my pelvic floor and engage mula bandha. Though this certainly isn’t a full expression of Mulabandhasana, it still achieves the same effects – activating mula bandha and strengthening the pelvic floor.Highly advanced asanas like Mulabandhasana require us to look for variations that can provide us the same benefits as the full pose. Variations are a yogis godsend! What are some of your favorite variations to gain the benefits of a more advanced posture? And, if Mulabandhasana is in your practice, tell us how you got there"
The regular and proper practice of mula bandha bestows many benefits on physical, mental and spiritual level. It makes apana vayu or the vital energy that is situated in the abdominal area to flow upward and to meet with prana vayu (the energy circulating in the area between heart and throat), which facilitates the Kundalini awakening.It helps to maintain celibacy or Brahmacharya by sublimating the sexual energy, transferring it to the higher chakras. It tones the uro-genital and excretory systems, as well as the intestinal peristalsis. Asthma, bronchitis and arthritis can also be effectively addressed by this bandha. On a spiritual lever there the realignment of the physical, mental and psychic bodies takes place. It also helps to relieve frustration and depression.
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