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38. Mayurasana I
Peacock Posture
Muscle growth does not necessarily mean a healthy body, as is commonly believed. Health is more properly viewed as the state wherein all organs function properly under the intelligent control of the mind. Yoga works on the body, the glands, the organs, the muscles as well as the mind. The Peacock Pose or Mayurasana is one of the most effective detox poses It is said to invigorate and tone the digestive system as well as help flush out toxins from the body. Given below is a detailed description of this pose.
1. Kneel on the floor with the knees apart. Place the head and chest slightly forward. Place the palms on the ground so that fingers point towards the feet. Elbows kept firmly pressed against navel point of the abdomen
2. Now stretch the legs backward and lower the head in order to touch the ground and simultaneously raise both legs from the ground. The entire body will be supported on the palms
3. Ensure that the whole body remains stretched and the breathing is normal.
4. Ensure that the head and legs are in one line or the entire body is horizontal to the ground.
5. Practice this exercise for 5 to 10 seconds and once well practiced the time may be increased to 30 seconds.
1. Practicing this exercise gives enough body equilibrium and concentration of mind.
2. This exercise provides increased supply of blood to the digestive system and hence it cures all the digestive disorders. Constipation is cured immediately.
3. Due to the circulation of blood there will be an improvement in eyesight.
4. Performing this exercise helps to make hands and shoulders very strong and hence it is recommended to athletes and sportsmen.
5. Regular practice of this exercise helps to cure impotency.
6. By practice this exercise the problems of liver, pancreas and kidneys are cured. Those who are suffering from diabetes due to the malfunctioning 0f pancreas will definitely get rid of this problem.
7. Performing this exercise helps to dill all the toxins in the body.
8. This helps to strengthen forearms and wrists and elbows and it cures joints pain.
9. It cures all abdominal disorders.
This exercise is difficult to perform and hence it is better to practice this exercise under the guidance of a yoga practitioner. Note: People suffering from high bl9od pressure, reddish eyes and possessing a weak heart should not practice this exercise. Few people may experience severe body pain or nasal bleeding while performing this exercise.
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