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34. Mandukasana
Frog pose
1. Walk your knees as wide apart from one another as they will comfortably allow, without straining, or torqueing, your knees or hips.
2. Flex your feet strongly and bring the inside edges of your feet to touch the mat. The angle in both the knees and ankles should be no greater than 90 degrees. If this position is comfortable, lower down to your forearms.
3. Keep the back of your neck long, with your gaze pointing down. Relax your belly and soften your heart, so your shoulder blades draw towards one another. Now, gently push your hips back and downwards.
4. Stay here for 2-5 minutes. If the sensations in your hips or groin begin to ebb, you can walk your knees further apart from one another to deepen thes tretch.
1. Sit in the posture of vajrasana.
2. Move both of your knees apart with your toes together.
3. Keep your body straight and place your hands and on your knees.
Many authors have mentioned the basic yoga mudra to be mandukasana. But the asana described here is the mandukasana described as per the scriptures and it is in accordance with the view of kaivalyadhan research center. It is said in Gherand Samhita that It describes the procedure to practice mandukasana. You should fold both your legs such that your ankles are under your hips similar to vajrasana. Both of your toes should be touching each other. The yoga seeker should practice asanas with being bothered by the naming conventions of the asanas. He should instead invest his time in practicing the asanas in order to avail the benefits they impart.
Mandukasana improves functions of all organs. It is advised in the treatment of constipation, diabetes and digestive disorders.This asana is effective in reducing the weight of thighs,hips and the abdomen.This asana strengthens the lower parts of the loins. This asana increases sexual ability.It removes the defects of the reproductive system of women. This asana stimulates the digestive system.It benefits which Padmasana gives can be obtained from this asana also.
This asana should not be practiced if you have undergone any surgery in knees or ankles.Not for the people who are suffering from peptic or duodenal ulcer, severe back pain and cardiac problem, and patients who have undergone abdominal surgery
If Frog pose is too intense, you can take Half Frog Pose: Ardha Mandukasana, by bringing your knees wide, and your feet towards one another, with the tops of your feet facing down.

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