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30. Kukkutasana
Cock Pose
Kukkuta, also known as the Cockerel Pose, is a Sanskrit word which means a Rooster. When the practitioner demonstrates the arm balancing yoga asana, he resembles closely to a Rooster and hence the name, Kukkutasana. In this asana, you lift your body off the ground, using both your hands in a carefully executed position wherein your body would rest on your heels. It is an exciting variation of Padmasana (lotus pose) but is slightly difficult to fathom. However, once you understand the nuances of getting your body in the right areas, you can practice it every day to make yourself better.
Sit on the ground with your head and spine erect. Extend your legs forward such that your knees and heels are placed together. With the help of your hands, place your right foot on the left thigh and then your left foot on the right thigh. See the Lotus Posture (Padmasana) for more details. Pass your arms through the gaps between your calves and your thighs close to the knees so as to place your palms firmly on the ground. Breath out, and smoothly raise your body above ground level so that your entire body weight is balanced on your palms and your legs are nearly at the elbow level. Continue breathing normally. Remain in this final posture for 5-10 seconds (in the early stages) or your breakpoint. Increase this time gradually to about ? - 1 minute.
1. Strengthens the arms, shoulders, elbows and wrists.
2. Strengthens the abdominal muscles.
3. Stretches the chest muscles.
4. Stimulates the mooladhara chakra.
5. The yoga posture builds the abdominal walls and improves the intestinal system. Hence, it helps in treating digestive disorders.
6. This yoga pose is beneficial to women in overcoming hip pain and discomfort from menstruation.
1. People with weak arms and wrists should practice this asana with caution. 2. This asana should only be practiced by those who can perform padmasana with relative ease.
In this asana, only the hands are touching the floor and bearing the entire weight of the body. The folded legs should be lifted off the floor as high as possible, keeping the padmasana parallel to the floor. The back is straight and the gaze is forward.

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