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28. Karna Peedasana
Ear-Pressing Pose
The Closing Postures of Ashtanga Yoga are an important part of daily practice. They help seal in the deep cleansing work of the practice and help the body heal. With regular practice you will also feel a meditative calm come over the body when practicing the Closing Postures. This posture, Karnapidasana, involves a combination of core strength and spinal flexion. Be patient and practice with dedication. Keywords Kino,Yoga,Closing,Postures,Halasana,Plow Posture,Karnapidasana,Kar?ap???sana is similar to Halasana (plow pose), but with the legs dropped further down so that the knees are also on the ground next to the ears and the eyes are closed. There are two vinyasas for performing karnapidasana both begining in a supine position. One is based on coming into salamba sarvagasana then into halasana. A second vinyasa by which karnapidadana may be reached without passing though salamba sarvagasana (soulder stand).
1. Bend towards the back on the head and toes should touch the ground. Press the right thigh against right ear and left thigh against left ear. The knees should touch the ground and chin should touch the neck
2. Hold about 30 to 40 seconds with normal breathing. Stretch the hands above the head and keep them straight.Start the asana with Halasana (Plow Pose) Now slowly flex your knee joint and bring the right knee closer to the right ear and then left knee near the left ear. You can keep your hands on the back or the lower ribs or interlock them stretching away from the body. Stretch the toes out and keep both heals together. Hold the position for at least 4 to 5 breathes or as long as comfortable.
1. As the name itself suggests, all the ear problems are cured. There will be a definite cure for temporary deafness.
2. The pain in the reign of knees, shoulder, and thighs are cured.
3. Cures indigestion and reduces fat in the region of hips.
4. Stretches the spine.
5.Increases blood circulation in the abdomen.
6.Relaxes the legs.
7. Help with introspection.
8. The major benefits of the Karnapidasana (Ear-Pressing Pose) is that it increases blood supply to the brain due to the top down posture and the muffling of your ear drums, many ear related ailments can be gradually cured. Karnapidasana (Ear-Pressing Pose) can also lead to reduction of fat accumulation around the midriff and reduce obesity.
Diarrhea,Menstruation,Neck injury,Asthma & high blood pressure: Practice Halasana with the legs supported on props.
This yoga pose is a complete extension of the spine, allowing the therapeutic fluids to bathe each vertebrae. Knee to Ear Yoga Pose is an advancement of the Plough Pose, the length from the knees to the toes is parallel to the ground. The skull becomes the root of the posture and allows for a gentle stretch of the neck.Knee to Ear Pose Karnapidasana

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