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27. Kandasana
Knotted Root Pose
1. With your legs stretched out in front, sit on the floor.
2. Keep your legs apart.
3. Fold your legs at the knee.
4. Using your hands, hold the fore part of the left and right foot
5. Pull the legs towards the body.
6. Twist the ankles facing the soles of feet towards your body.
7. Hold the feet to the chest.
8. Stay in this posture for a few seconds.
9. Return to the starting position slowly.
Sit on the floor and stretch both your legs out; bend your knees and widen your thighs. Bring your knees towards the trunk, so that your heels are near the perineum. Ensure that your knees are stuck to the floor
Next, hold your left foot, using the left palm and the right foot, using the right palm. Draw your feet upwards, towards your trunk. Invert your ankle and pull the thighs and knees till the outer sides of the knees are against the chest and navel. Hold your feet against the chest in a firm manner
Then, release your hands and keep them joined at your chest. Make sure that your back is erect and remain in that pose for at least 30 seconds.
Hold your feet with your hands and slowly lower them on to the floor Rest for about half a minute, before repeating the pose
It helps cure impotency It can cure a number of sexual disorders Makes the lower body more flexible Relieves joint pain
While the Kandasana is one of the best ways to stretch your ankles, it also provides many other benefits.
The Kandasana stretches and strengthens the hips, thighs, legs and other muscles below the navel, thus increasing their flexibility and reducing muscle tension in that region.
It also stretches the joints and provides relief from aches and stiffness.
This yoga pose strengthens, stretches and tones the hips, groins and thighs. It increases circulation of blood to the sexual organs, and improves their function, and is especially recommended for those with sexual problems. It is supposed to increase the sperm count and also cure impotency. It increases sexual vigor in those who practice it regularly.
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