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24. Hanumanasana
Monkey Pose
This asana is dedicated to Lord Anjunaya because of its significance and spiritual values. Practicing this exercise helps to provide the courage, strength and power of Lord Hanuman. Hence it has significant importance in yogic science.
The yogi pushes one leg forward and one leg backwards until they are in the splits position. Once the yogi has moved the legs into position, there are several variations of arm and upper body position including
1. Sit on the ground. place the palms on either side of the body.
2. Slowly lift the knees up. Bring the right leg forward and left leg back. The leg should be straight, stretched and horizontal to the ground. The entire body support should lie on the palms When the balance is attained slowly remove the palm from the ground and perform salute.
3. Ensure that back and the entire body is straight and firm.
4. Stay in this posture for about 10 to 20 seconds with even breathing.
5. Straighten the right leg and bend your fingers you on the carpet. Very gently and slowly forward to push to the right until you feel resistance.
6. When you run a piece of hamstring feel that you need to get your fingers on the floor or otherwise prevented.
7. We use our hands to support the pressure weight and weight of our paralyze the screen, so it is never too much.
8. Want a strong stretch, but no pain. You should be able to get deep and comfortable in and out of your nose all the time, and your quads will protect your hamstrings.
1. In this asana the legs are stretched very well and hence it is most suitable for athletes and sportsmen.
2. This asana is most suitable for ladies because performing this exercise helps to cure various gynaecological problems.
Increasing flexibility, alignment and balance.
Reducing injuries in legs, we while do other actions like sprinting, jogging, climbing, and cycling.
Improves digestion, blood circulation and releases the entire toxins.
Quire insomnia.
Relieves stress.
Improving peaceful sleep.
Do not practice this yoga pose in case you are suffering from any injuries, especially in the hamstring or groin area.
While practicing the pose, go slow and be careful at all times. This means that you should not push your body, beyond its limits of comfort. Forcing any yoga pose can lead to an injury and the Monkey Pose, being such an advanced one, is no different.
With regular practice, you should be able to execute the split all the way, but until then, only go as deep into the pose, as your body comfortably allows you to.
Practice this pose on a bare floor (without a sticky mat) with folded blankets under the back knee and front heel.

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