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21. Gomukhasana
Cow Face Pose
1. The word Go also means "light", so gomukh may refer to the light in or of the head, or lightness of the head. The asana gets its name because the thighs and calves of the person performing it resemble a cow's face, wide at one end and tapering toward the other.
2. Similarly, fold the right leg over the left and place the right heel by the side of the left hip. Both the soles should face upwards.
3. Raise your right hand and bend it to bring it behind the shoulder.
4. In the same way, bend your left hand behind the back and entwine the fingers. Keep your spine straight hould be slow and deep. Note that if the right leg is over the left, the right elbow should face upward and the left, downwards. This position may be reversed when the leg position is changed.
5. Hold the posture for 30 seconds and repeat reversing the sides.
Slide your knees together in front of you, stacking the right knee directly on top of the left. If you find this movement to be difficult, try coming forward on your hands and knees before aligning the knees. When aligned, sit back in between your feet – which should be equidistant from your hips. Support your weight evenly amongst your sitting bones.
Now for the upper body, extend your left arm up towards the sky. Then, bring your left hand down to the center of your back (hinging at the elbow). Reach your right arm out to the same side, parallel to the floor. Rotate the arm inward – your thumb will turn first towards the floor – until your palm faces the sky above.
This movement should put your shoulder in correct position for the next one. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, sweep your right arm behind and in the hollow of your lower back (as parallel to your spine as is comfortable).
Keeping your spine long, hook fingers or hold hands behind your back. If they don’t reach, hold a belt or strap in both hands. Then, lift your left elbow toward the sky and draw your right elbow toward the ground. Keep your left arm close to your head. Center yourself.
Lift your chest and firm your shoulders blades against your lower back for stability. As a beginner, breathe steady and deep 4-6 times while holding posture. Then, release your arms, uncross your legs, and repeat Gomukhasana with the left knee on top and left elbow pointing down.
"Stretches your hips, thighs, ankles and chest, shoulders, anterior deltoids, triceps, inner armpits and lats
Gomukhasana prevents enlargement of the testicles and calcium deposits in the shoulder joints. It also helps in treating sciatica and piles. It relieves muscular pain in the back and sprains in the forearms. It is one of the beat asanas for respiratory disorders, hypertension and cardiac complaints.
1. The posture has also been known to be beneficial for kidney patients.
2. Gomukhasana is also therapeutic in hypertension, diabetes, and sexual problems.
3. Gomukhasana is also useful in treating sciatica, backache and rheumatism because it stretches your back properly.
4. The pose, when done regularly, also massages and stimulates your reproductive organs. "
This pose must not be performed by those who are suffering from neck/shoulder problems.
Gomukhasana which is popularly known as Cow Pose is a seated yoga posture. It is a strenuous pose, especially for anyone who is not flexible in the shoulders and knees. However, doing it to whatever extent possible is an effective way to counteract the forward-bending tasks that we do each day. Seated poses balance the energy of the standing poses.

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