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20. Ghandaberundasana
Formidable Face Pose
This is such a “wow” pose when you first see it, like a yoga party drug. Ganda Bherundasana means Formidable Face Pose, which basically means it ends resting flat on your face with your feet on floor, straddling your head. You don’t see the full expression of this pose often (check out page 416 in Light on Yoga, by B.K.S. Iyengar, if you want to see a master perform this particular party trick). Suffice to say, we can practice prep variations of the pose and still derive some of the benefits, including toning of the spine and abdominal organs.
In the version presented here, we’ll focus more on the core-strengthening elements, and leave the face plant to the imagination. Still, students wonder how could it be possible to create even this shape in the body. Like any pose, it is very accessible when practiced regularly. I like to say that the impossible continues to be that way until one day it simply becomes possible. I’ve noticed students for from shy and coy to popping this pose in during transitions whenever they can. There’s a lot of joy that runs through the veins of this pose. My advice is to keep at this one. It WILL feel insane at first, but you’ll just end up insanely happy if you don’t give up.
Grab two blocks and place them lengthwise on their medium height. The blocks should be shoulder-width apart. Come into Downward-Facing Dog with the fingertips directly behind the blocks.
Walk the feet several inches forward into a shorter Down Dog. Bend the elbows placing the shoulder heads in the middle of the blocks. Palms remain flat with the fingertips directly behind the blocks. Walk the feet in like Dolphin Pose, ensuring the lift of the hips. This action is absolutely crucial to achieve the full pose. Get the hips high and keep them there! You’ll need this height to have something to kick toward (hips low to the ground won’t give you the lift of the pose we’re going for).
Mr. Iyengar says it tones the entire spine and abdominal organs. It stimulates nerve centers and glands in the pelvic, chest and throat area.
Due to the copious supply of blood to these glands, their functioning improves and this leads to increased vitality. So, let’s give it a try.
backbend, feet close to head toward ground, grab feet with hands

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