xmas lights

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Xmas Lights

Christmas lights are lights used for decoration around Christmas.
41. Window Wattage
Windows outlined in white lights stand out in the darkness, illuminating a home full of welcome and cheer.
42. Lantern Pendants
Hang multiple lanternlike, outdoor lights from a sturdy tree branch to create a welcoming glow on a cold winters night.
43. Window Box Chic
Fill a window box with greenery studded with lights to glitter in the icy air all season long. For a nontraditional spin on the look, incorporate color by adding blue or pink Christmas lights.
44. Arbor of Light
Heres a great look for those living in warmer climates. Icicle lights have been draped over a vine covered arbor, creating an archway of holiday magic.
45. Snowballs
This mound of shimmering spheres looks like snowballs just waiting to be thrown. Arranged in an urn beside the front door, the spheres are plugged into a power strip hidden inside, then stacked and accented with boxwood greenery. A single strand of fishing line wrapped around the spheres keeps the stack secure.

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