xmas greeting card

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Xmas Greeting Card

Christmas cards will help you share the joys of Merry Christmas.
1. Tissue paper Christmas tree card
Fold 10 layers of tissue paper in half and cut out a Christmas tree shape using the template.
Cut out the same shape in plain green paper for the front of the card.
Place the tree shape in the centre fold of the card and either stitch to the card by hand or use a sewing machine to carefully stitch down the fold.
Cut two lengths of patterned ribbon to fit the length of the card and stick to the sides of the card approximately 1.5cm from each edge.
Stick the plain Christmas tree to the front of the card to finish.
2. Own Christmas postage stamps
Keen to make it a handmade Christmas? Did you know you can create your own postage stamps, with Royal Mail? Perfect for posting your handmade Christmas cards!These personalised stamps are called Smilers. To create them, you choose your design (there are other occasions as well as Christmas options), upload a photo, then the stamps are posted to you.A sheet of 10 first class Smilers costs
3. Catch the Christmas post
If youve gone to the effort of making your own Christmas cards, youll want to be absolutely certain that they reach their recipients before Christmas, so youll need to know the last posting dates see below. You might want to copy the relevant ones into your diary, or print out this page.And as well as knowing the last posting dates, you also need to know the collection time from the postbox youre using. Earlier this year, Royal Mail made the collection time at almost 50,000 postboxes much earlier in the day, some as early as 9am instead of 5pm as previously the case.
4. Button star Christmas card
around 30 buttons in similar colours and mixed sizes.
One piece of gold card folded in half (or a card blank)
One square of black or deep blue card approximately 12cm square
Strong glue or glue gun
On your piece of black/deep blue card, design a simple five pointed star shape (draw a central dot and from that point, measure out five lines measuring 4cm at equal intervals).Position the black/blue card centrally on the gold card blank, and glue in place. Allow to dry.
Place a big button in the middle of the star, then position the rest of the buttons on to your pencilled design and fiddle around with it until youre happy with how it looks.One at a time, put a dab of glue on the back of each button and carefully place on the card.
Work your way round the rest of the star until all your buttons are firmly glued on. Let the glue dry.
5. Handmade Christmas
Try our fabulously festive collection of Christmas craft ideas, with hundreds of ideas to try, including free patterns and free templates. Plan ahead and take the time to create something really special for your home and family this year Christmas decorations for your tree and home, Christmas gifts to make, Christmas cards, festive flower arranging its all here. Well add more Christmas craft projects to each of the pages below as we publish new ones, and youll find a link back to this page from each of the pages below.
6. Merry Christmas tree card
Use printed paper or type Merry Christmas in different fonts and colours, and print out.Enlarge the template to about 9cm tall and use to cut out a tree from your Merry Christmas sheet. Glue in place and add a tiny star trim.
7. Button Christmas tree card
Glue a selection of different shaped buttons on to a card in the shape of a Christmas tree.Draw the shape out in pencil first if you prefer and use a hot glue gun to stick the buttons on.
8. Cocktail glass party invitations
Enlarge the glass template to the desired size and cut out.
Trace the outline onto the reverse of the glitter card and cut out.
Cut a thin strip of glitter card for a cocktail stick. Position on a blank card with a jewel trim and glue all pieces in position.
Print out Party in your desired typeface and stick to the front of the card.
9. Dinner table place cards
Cut a slit along each cork.Push a short length of string or raffia into one end of each cork, for a tail use the point of a pencil. Add a dab of glue if necessary.Poke four holes in each cork, for the matchstick legs. Push the matchsticks in evenly, so that the reindeer stands straight. Glue in place if necessary.Draw the outline of a reindeers head with black pen on thin white card. Cut around the black outline. Add eyes with black pen and a nose with red pen. If you cant do this, print out our template below on to thin white card.Finally, write each guests name on a sticky label and stick on the side of a reindeer.
10. Button snowman Christmas card
Glue three buttons in decreasing sizes above one another.Add a hat cut from black card and a tiny triangle of orange card for a carrot nose.

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