xmas cake ideas

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Xmas Cake Ideas

Easy Christmas cake recipes and designs, From traditional Christmas cakes and low fat ones to classi
41. Elf Cap Mini Cakes
Easy and irresistible cap cakes are baked in our 3 D Tree Silicone Mold and accented with coconut topped icing trims.
42. Sparkling Snowfall Cake
Sweet and sophisticated. Pour on ganache glaze provides the smooth, chocolatey backdrop for your white candy designs. A stack of candy snowflakes create the edible tree.
43. A Winter Delight Cake
Cool shades of blue and cute globe snowmen will make this cake a hit from the first snowfall to the last. The fondant ornament hung on top adds the finishing touch.
44. Gingerbread Village Cake
This picturesque cake will look amazing at any Christmas celebration. Our Gingerbread Mini Village makes a pretty cake topper on a light blue iced round cake.
45. Dapper Dude Cake
Remember building your first real snowman? Now its time to make a holiday cake to commemorate that event. Our Dapper Dude Snowman cake sports a traditional broomstick, top hat, pipe and carrot nose all edible and enjoyable.
46. Happy Holly Day Cake
Fluffy, snowy white cake punctuated with beautiful fondant holly and berries. A breathtaking centerpiece for your holiday dessert table.
47. Loops Link Up Fondant Cake
This fondant covered cake has a special look that is easy to achieve. Use Decorator Preferred Fondant to make looping ropes in various sizes to surround each tier. Perfect for a wedding design, this cake will also look great in a single or double tiered presentation.
48. The Story of Christmas Eve Dreams Cake
Ready To Use Rolled Fondant decorates this picture perfect Christmas cake. Kids and adults will dream of this cake and its message long after the holidays are over.
49. Too Pretty to Open Cake
Dimensions Gift pan bakes the 3 D bow right into your cake top. That makes decorating easier and quicker with more impressive results.
50. Skatin St Nick Cake
Look what Santa does in his spare time. Our detailed fondant character goes out for a spin on a smooth fondant covered cake.

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