xmas bucket list

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Visit The Real Santa Claus In Lapland

XMas Bucket List

A bucket list of holiday activities that we would try to punch out from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Visit The Real Santa Claus In Lapland

This may seem like a very outthere idea but if you havent already arranged anything else this Christmas and you feel like a having very different albeit traditional Christmas holiday then why not head over to Lapland. Although fairly expensive for a short stay over in Lapland, it is absolutely picturesque and well worth the money if you can afford the trip, and you are not scared of flying. Lapland if you didnt already know, is in Finland and it really is a beautiful place to travel to and around. There is always snow at this festive time of year so you are sure to have a beautiful white Christmas, you will also find reindeers in their natural habitat which is great to see. On top of all this there is of course the big, fat, jolly man whose white beard and red (or more traditionally green) clothing is set to make any childs Christmas day a special one, I am of course talking about Santa Claus himself; you will be greeted in true Christmas spirit by jolly Saint Nick who is sure to make the rest of your short stay very memorable, just dont forget to pack your camera, this is one trip you will definitely want to keep fond memories of.

Bake Some Mince Pies
Go Christmas Carolling
Give Unwanted Toys To A Childrens Hospital
Send Out All Of Your Christmas Cards
Favourite Beer Wine And Whiskey
Put Christmas Lights On The Outside Of Your House
Kiss Someone Underneath The Mistletoe
Themed Cookies For The Kids
Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine
Take Your Kids To See Santa
A Real Christmas Tree
Christmas Stockings
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