xmas bucket list

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Christmas Budget And Stick To It

XMas Bucket List

A bucket list of holiday activities that we would try to punch out from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Christmas Budget And Stick To It

This piece of advice is worth its weight in gold, regardless of how obvious it appears to be. The amount of people who go over their budget at Christmas is astonishing, it appears we are a society full of impulse buyers, which can lead to disaster if you are not careful. Think about your routine that you stick to the rest of the year, you pay your rent, your bills, your taxes (hopefully) but then you have what is left over for luxuries, this is your budget for the rest of the month (or week) and in order to keep having these luxuries you must keep to your budget or else you will have to go without for a period of time. Its exactly the same at Christmas only you have more things to buy for other people (obviously). If you havent saved up in advance for Christmas spending dont panic, just sort out a reasonable budget. Make a list of all the people you NEED to buy presents for and a list of those you would LIKE to buy presents for. then buy accordingly you dont need to spend hundreds per person, most people will be happy with something very small. Just remember the famous old phrase Its the thought that counts.

Christmas Grocery Shopping In Advance
Attend Your Childs Nativity Play
Avoid Christmas Day Arguments
Give Your Unwanted Clothes
Build A Snowman
Send Out All Of Your Christmas Cards
Roast Chestnuts
Christmas Budget And Stick To It
Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine
Go To Midnight Mass
Take Your Kids To See Santa
Give To A Childrens Charity
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