xmas bucket list

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XMas Bucket List

A bucket list of holiday activities that we would try to punch out from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
21. Themed Cookies For The Kids
I did very briefly touch upon this earlier but I think it deserves its own section, Christmas cookies, just like mince pies, Christmas cake, and mistletoe is now a tradition and its another great way to get the kids off the couch and into the kitchen so you can have some quality family time. I think that throughout the year a lot of us forget about Christmas and what it stands for, religious thoughts aside (although I really have none) I think it is important that we get the quality time we need with our families, maybe that means sitting around a table for dinner instead of in front of the television, or maybe it means baking Christmas cookies with your children or partner? I think this really is something that more people should be doing, its fun, its messy, you can make the cookies into any shapes and sizes you want (and yes, for all of you dirty thinkers you can make adult cookies if you so wish). If you dont know how to cook cookies then check out the links below, theyre very easy to make and taste yummy.
22. Attend Your Childs Nativity Play
I have not yet been to my sons first Nativity play, mainly because he has yet to have one, but Im sure it will be something to remember for sure. Back when I was in school I remember all of the Nativity plays I used to be involved in and I have to say I did quite enjoy it back then, singing along to all of the songs, getting the words wrong and burping in the most unfortunate of timings. Nativity plays are great for many reasons, they are great for building the selfesteem of your children, they give you lasting memories and of course they are one of the most Christmasorientated events you can attend. I think that every parent loves theres kids Nativity plays, if only because their son or daughter is on it. There are quite often refreshments at the end of the plays too so you get chance to mingle with the other parents and pass on any Christmas cards you may have forgotten.Another great thing about Nativity plays is that the parents often have to create the outfits, and that can lead to some seriously funny consequences, especially if its one of us dads that have done the sewing and stitching.
23. Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine
A tradition that has been lost a little in recent years in the homemade mulled wine. I remember a few years ago when you couldnt get away from the stuff but it slowly phased out until last year when it seemed to be all over the place again. I think mulled wine is great if you enjoy the taste but I admit it isnt to everyones liking. Mulled wine is a tradition that has been around for centuries and it will more than likely stay with us, going in and out of favour every couple of years, but still holding on. If you are not much of a mulled wine person then there are alternative recipes for it as well as recipes for a completely different but just as tasty Christmas beverage; Egg Nog, this is another traditional drink that has been around for many many years, traditionally its made with eggs which gives it the frothy texture as well as sometimes different flavoured ciders and brandys; see below for a few alternative recipes.
24. Build A Snowman
Everyone, every year, hopes for it to be a white Christmas and for amny it is, but for many like myself it is often more rainy than snowy. This year is no exception and with the weather forecast supposedly likely that it is going to snow, the chances are it will not do so. If however it does decide to snow then I can assure you that every man, woman, child and family pet will be outside making snow angles, having snowball fights and of course making a giant snowman. This tradition of making a man from snow has been around for centuries and still keeps us happy today, even as adults, whilst were outside in the snow. Its something that everyone should at least do once in their lifetime, if youve never made a snowman, or had a snowball fight then you have not lived. There really is nothing quite like it, and the snowman will usually last a good couple of days if not weeks, depending on the weather. If it snows this Christmas, Im betting you will be out there too, you know you will, were all just tall kids really.
25. Send Out All Of Your Christmas Cards
If you havent already done so then , what are you playing at! Its getting very close to Christmas time now and you need to send those cards out asap unless you are going to physically deliver them yourself (like I had to a couple of years ago after forgetting to post them). The problem with Christmas cards isnt the actual sending that is usually the problem, the problem is usually taking hours to decide what message to put in your great aunt Ednas card without sounding sarcastic or arrogant. Well it has been for me in the past, thats why I no longer do Chrsitmas cards, my partner does them instead, not because I am an egotistical so and so, no you see she banned me from writing and sending them. I think the final straw was when I started adding rude limericks to a few of them that went to the wrong people. Needless to say they found the funny side of it and hey, it go me out of sending any ever again, but that doesnt mean you can do the same so get yourself to that post office asap.
26. Favourite Beer Wine And Whiskey
It always amazes me how many people (most) that stock up on copious amounts of liquor and ale over the festive season, I mean sure, back in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s the stores may close for a longer period of time but nowadays the supermarkets want to be reopened on Boxing Day! So it seems to me that we have a nation of very big drinkers, or very crafty drinkers who are getting in on the cheap alcohol whilst they can. Needless to say I even do it myself so please dont think I am being patronising or insulting, I just find it extremely funny that the majority of us stock up on things that we will basically be able to buy again a day later. Still, I cant think of a worse time to run out of alcohol that at a Christmas party, with that said I think I may need to travel to the supermarket shortly.
27. Christmas Stockings
Okay so it may not be the most important item on this list but if you are already putting up your decorations you might as well get your stockings ready too. Christmas stockings are great for the kids because it allows you to buy some smaller items for them, which is great for when you are really on a tight budget. The tradition of Christmas stockings dates back to the days of Saint Nicholas and have stayed with us ever since, its also just a nice touch to finish off all of your lovely decorations that you have added to your home. If you havent already got a couple of Christmas stockings then make sure you go out and buy a couple or better yet be creative and make your own that way you can get everyone involved, and you can all have your very own personalised ones, that way you will know whose is whose come the day of opening all of those presents.
28. Christmas Grocery Shopping In Advance
This is some what of a nobrainer but Ive known people to forget in the past and they are then frantically running around the nearest supermarket like they are on a freeforall supermarket trolley dash! The beauty of getting everything as early as possible is that you do not have to worry about rushing about last minute as well as being able to avoid the manic queues both inside the stores and outside with the traffic. Christmas shopping may be a fairly mundane task to do but it is pretty much a mandatory thing to do as well as the fact that it is inevitable that you will need at least something from your nearest store. If you want my advice, go as early as possible, if you have a 24 hour store near you go at the dead of night, just try to avoid the huge queues, you can thank me later.
29. Avoid Christmas Day Arguments
It happens to the best of us, were enjoying a lovely Christmas dinner, everything is perfect until someone brings up a dreaded conversation and BANG! All hell breaks loose, theres turkey flying left and right, gravy is plastered all over the walls and the inlaws are at each others throats! Okay not quite but you get the idea, Christmas always brings a couple of arguements as well as the celebrations, but it can be avoided. One of the main topics for arguements at Christmas is that of the Christmas dinner, someone mentions dry turkey and thats it, game over; so your best bet is to keep your head down and your mouth chewing, if it is a little dry then just drink some more mulled wine, that way if an arguement does sprout up hopefully youll be too blissfully unaware of what is actually happening. Another key tip I will give you albeit a little too late; listen to your partner, they have been giving you clues about what they want for Christmas for the past 2 months and if you havent taken the hints then come the opening of those presents you could be in for a nasty surprise. On top of all this, one rule trumps them all; the ladies are always right, it doesnt matter how wrong they are, they are absolutely positively correct at that moment in time, and youd better remember that too.
30. Turn Off The Television
I remember reading a year ago (or more) that the number one reason why Christmas Day arguements occur is because of the television, whether it is because of who has control of the remote control (and thus chooses what everyone watches) or because there is an argument about what is actually being watched. The best way to avoid all of this messing about is to keep the television switched off throughout the day (or at least most of it). When you think about it you really dont need the television on at all, put on the Christmas CD that you bought a couple of days ago and let the songs fill the room with the background noise you need. If you have children you will already have plenty of toys and games to use as a family so you should be more than occupied throughout the day. Then comes the Christmas dinner, which will be at the table meaning no television then either. By all means go the other way and watch it to your hearts content, but dont say I didnt warn you.

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