xmas bucket list

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Go To Midnight Mass

XMas Bucket List

A bucket list of holiday activities that we would try to punch out from Thanksgiving to Christmas.
Go To Midnight Mass

If to you, Christmas is more about Christianity than giving presents and cards then maybe this will be your cup of tea; I am personally not all that religious, well, if I am being honest I would have to say I am not in the slightest bit religious, but thats my choice and thats fine. If however you and your family are religious then you will no doubt want to attend the Christmas Mass celebrations, for a family or group of friends that are all religious I think this is great; honestly, you all get together, sing carols, hymns and help one another, it is a good social event to be part of (if you are religious). Ive always been a little confused about the whole midnight mass celebrations though, I mean, I get that it is on midnight because it is the first second, minute and hour of Christmas Day (Jesus birthday) but it just seems odd that everyone goes out and has mass at such a late hour of the night. Im sure its all very traditional feeling and cosy though and if you are religious in anyway, shape or form then I hope your festive celebrations are very enjoyable.

Roast Chestnuts
Go To Midnight Mass
Send Out All Of Your Christmas Cards
Christmas Grocery Shopping In Advance
Make And Drink Homemade Mulled Wine
Christmas Budget And Stick To It
Give Your Unwanted Clothes
Go And See The Nutcracker Theatre Show
Put Christmas Lights On The Outside Of Your House
A Real Christmas Tree
Go Ice Skating
Make Your Own Christmas Cards
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