worst body language mistakes job seekers make

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Failing to make eye contact

Worst Body Language Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Failing to make eye contact

Body language expert Tonya Reiman, author of The Power of Body Language, previously told Business Insider that job candidates should make sure they offer the appropriate amount of eye contact If you dont, the interviewer will assume you are either insecure, dont have an appropriate answer for the question being asked, or are being deceptive Does that mean its true? No, but perception is everything in a job interview

Having bad posture
Failing to make eye contact
Having a handshake that was too strong
Crossing their arms over their chests
Failing to smile
Fidgeting too much in their seats
Using too many hand gestures
Playing with something on the table
Having a weak handshake
Playing with their hair or touching their faces
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