worst body language mistakes job seekers make

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Having a weak handshake

Worst Body Language Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Having a weak handshake

A weak handshake may tell the interviewer that youre nervous, shy, and that you lack confidence, explains Colin Shaw, CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a customer experience consultancy, in a LinkedIn post Ideally, your handshake should be firm, but not overbearing The secret to a great handshake is palm-to-palm contact, Wood told Business Insider You want to slide your hand down into the web of theirs, and make palm-to-palm contact Lock thumbs, and apply an equal amount of pressure

Failing to make eye contact
Failing to smile
Having bad posture
Having a weak handshake
Having a handshake that was too strong
Crossing their arms over their chests
Playing with their hair or touching their faces
Playing with something on the table
Fidgeting too much in their seats
Using too many hand gestures
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