worst animated movies of all time

The Pound Puppies Movie

Worst Animated Movies Of All Time

The Pound Puppies Movie
The music is one of the most talked about parts of this movie from the adults that have seen it. The show however, is one of the most poorly put together movies out there for children. Children that have seen it do not seem to have a problem watching it though, which means that it really shouldn t be too bad to watch. However, if you watch it, you are going to be able to pull out all the flaws right away and might not be able to move forward.

Shrek the Third
Titanic The Legend Goes On
The King and I
Worst Animated Movies Of All Time
The Dolphin Story of a Dreamer
The Pound Puppies Movie
The Swan Princess Christmas
Disco Worms
Kiara the Brave
Final Fantasy
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